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Building Green @ Central Ave - Habitat for Humanity

Press Release

Contact: Leann Aldridge
Phone: (941) 365-0700 ext. 106


Can affordable housing be environmentally friendly?  The answer is a resounding "Yes!" as demonstrated at a recently built Habitat for Humanity Sarasota home on Central Avenue.  The future home of the Hennessey family will be certified as complying with "green" standards by the Florida Green Building Coalition at a ceremony on July 1st.

Habitat for Humanity Sarasota, Inc. has taken a leadership role in building green—providing a quality home and preserving our health and environment at an affordable price. Affordability is defined not only by construction costs but by lower operating and maintenance costs. Habitat's Central Avenue homes are being built with SIP panels, solar water heaters, metal roofs, high efficiency air conditioning systems, and Energy Star appliances and lighting.  Although these features may increase the initial cost to build the home somewhat, they are essential in providing an airtight, well insulated, energy efficient home that will cost the homeowner less to maintain.

"Green building methods, in addition to being environmentally responsible, conserve precious resources," notes Habitat Director of Construction Dean Shelton.  "With many families, the monthly budget is a never-ending challenge, and it is an even greater challenge with first-time Habitat home owners.  The beauty of green energy thinking is the cost over the life of the home.  It may cost more in initial materials, but the savings in utilities and replacements offset these costs, providing a more affordable and economically stable environment for deserving families."
Habitat for Humanity partnered with the Sarasota chapter of ASID to make the interiors of these homes more environmentally friendly.  ASID associates identified ways to improve indoor air quality, a must in energy efficient airtight homes. Habitat Sarasota’s new standards include laminate wood floors, ceramic tile, recyclable carpet and environmentally-friendly adhesives in kitchen & bathroom cabinets.

Habitat for Humanity Sarasota works to eliminate substandard housing in Sarasota by providing low-income, working families with quality, affordable, and now environmentally-friendly homes.

WHAT: Florida Green Building Coalition presenting certification for first Sarasota Habitat "green built"  home.  Photo opportunities:  Features of affordable, environmentally-friendly home.

WHO: Interview opportunities:  Tony Souza, Habitat Sarasota Executive Director; Dean Shelton, Habitat Sarasota Director of Construction; Drew Smith, FGBC Certifier, Two Trails, Inc.

WHEN: TUESDAY, JULY 1, 2008, 9:30 a.m.

WHERE: 1368 21st Street, Sarasota.  (Corner of Central Avenue and 21st Street)

WHY: New technology and techniques are creating houses that are sustainable, hurricane proof and will result in savings to the environment as well as to our new home owners.