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Building Sustainable & Affordable Homes - The Habitat Way

For Immediate Release:

On Wednesday, November 13th Manatee Habitat for Humanity is hosting “Keys to Building Sustainable and Affordable Homes – The Habitat Way” from 8:30 – 10am at the Hampton Inn and Suites Conference Center.  This event will bring together individuals, organizations, and business that recognize the value of building sustainable housing for our community.

Scott Dennis, ABC 7 news anchor will facilitate a panel discussion with speakers representing companies and organizations that have worked collaboratively with Manatee Habitat.  During this event, we will also be highlighting the important part that companies like yours have played in the success of our Hope Landing community.  METV our local educational television station is scheduled to film this event.

“Keys to Building Sustainable and Affordable Homes – The Habitat Way”
 8:30 – 10am

A panel discussion with community partners who worked collaboratively to design and build sustainable and affordable Habitat homes.  Each panelist will discuss the roll they have played in assisting Manatee Habitat in the creating of Hope Landing – a community of 18 Habitat homes that were designed using the three main criteria of energy efficient, sustainable and safety for low income families.  Partnering with an architect, an energy rater and multiple vendor/suppliers in the community, Manatee Habitat has been successful in building homes that achieve these many features into our homes without significant cost increases.

Manatee Habitat for Humanity

Manatee Habitat is gaining recognition as a leader in building sustainable and affordable homes.  The Hope Landing community has received two Aurora Awards in 2012 in the categories of Green Construction – Affordable Housing and Best Energy Efficient Home.  Two of the homes in Hope Landing are the first residential homes in Manatee County to be certified USGBC LEED Platinum.  In addition, Manatee Habitat is the first Habitat affiliate in the United States to build a US Department of Energy, EPA Challenge Home which is now only one of a few that have been built in the US.  Currently there are two more homes under construction that are being built under the Challenge Home certification program.

Manatee Habitat working closely with local suppliers, including Harrimans Inc. Solar Energy Systems, has included many new and innovative products.  These products have provided “green” features that helped in the reduction or ability to maintain the costs of material and labor for our homes.  All of these efforts have been