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Janie Poe Neighborhood Project

Clark Construction adds Solar Energy to affordable HUD housing expansion

SARASOTA, FL. (1/14/09) - Harrimans Inc. is pleased to announce their association with Clark Construction’s – Janie Poe, Affordable HUD Housing project in Sarasota. Harrimans role during construction will be the installation of a dual solar collector system, matched with a super insulated solar storage tank for the Leeds certified Energy Efficient Club House.

Annual CO2 off set is expected to be 6069 tons of carbon dioxide, 18 pounds Sulfur Dioxide, 14 pounds Nitrogen Oxides compared with that of burning fossil fuel.

Construction on the 109,000 square foot development Janie Poe neighborhood phase -1 project is scheduled to be completed by December 2009.

For more information please contact Kristina Jackson, Harrimans Inc. at 1-866-777-9276