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Lemon Bay High School Goes Solar

Englewood,FL.- February 10th, 2011 -Harrimans Inc. Solar Energy Solutions announces to have been selected by Balfour Beatty Construction to install the Solar Thermal System at Lemon Bay High School, Phase 3, 3 Story Classroom Building, Gymnasium & Central Energy Plant.

Lemon Bay H.S. is one of three high schools in the Charlotte County school district, and Harrimans Inc. Solar Energy Solutions has been actively participating with the district in other past projects, such Charlotte High School and Charlotte High Sports Complex, incorporating state of the art renewable energy systems to their facilities, facilitating a substantial reduction on the cost of energy consumption.

The Lemon Bay H.S. project consist of a large scale Solar Thermal System, featuring commercial grade roof mounted solar collectors, custom built oversized storage tanks, with heat exchanger, this concept has many advantages over conventional Close Loop system, since the school has minimum activity on weekends, holidays, spring break, and summer recess.

The installation will be permanently monitored by flow meters and temperature sensors, which will display electronically, on a web browser, and serve as a learning tool.

This project clearly shows how the Charlotte County Public Schools system continues leading by example, understanding the benefits of renewable energy, investing in solar infrastructure, setting the pace for students, parents and the community to be open minded regarding ways to reduce environmental impact.