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Children First

Sarasota, January 13th, 2011 – Press release

Harrimans Inc. Solar Energy Solutions announces with great pride to have been the solar contractor of choice for Children First, a private, charitable, non-profit organization that serves over 600 children, birth to five years of age, and their families.

In an effort to reduce monthly expenses, and become more environmentally friendly, Children First has commissioned Harrimans to install Solar Hot Water systems to two of their locations. The Main Campus facility, located on Orange Avenue and the Helen R. Payne Center, at 33th Street respectively, have a high demand for hot water usage, with kitchens, laundries and bathroom under use every day of the week, therefore, the incorporation of solar water heating, will result on immediate savings on operational cost at each facility.

Harrimans Inc. Solar Energy Solutions has participated throughout the years in many other projects for Non-profit and charitable organizations, such as Janie Poe’s Garden and Habitat for Humanity Sarasota.