Sarasota, FL – Palm Avenue Parking Garage 10.29 kW PV Solar Electric System and EV Charging Stations
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Whether it's State or Local Municipalities, Harrimans has the proven design and construction experience in developing turnkey Solar solutions on a government level. Our seasoned staff will assist key stakeholders through the design/build process from project inception to final inspection. We understand the importance of responsible fiscal funding for renewable energy projects and are dedicated to helping government agents meet their local and state energy goals with clean Solar Power, while showing sustainability leadership in the community.

Parking garage with solar installation

SARASOTA, FLORIDA 12/14/2010 - Harrimans Inc has recently completed the installation of the Solar Photovoltaic Electric system and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS), for the LEED Gold Certified Palm Avenue Parking Garage, being built for the City of Sarasota, in Downtown Sarasota.

According to Tom Harriman-CEO, this project features very innovative characteristics: A Solar Array consisting of 42 SOLAR WORLD 245 watt Solar panels, mounted on the roof top of the carport located on the six floor of the building. This installation will incorporate the latest DC to AC Micro Inverter technology from ENPHASE Energy. These inverters are designed to track the maximum power points through specific algorithms, designed to calculate and respond to temperature and sunlight changes detected at each photovoltaic panel. In addition, this performance will be monitored by ENPHASE's unique "ENLIGHTEN" web based monitoring system. The ENLIGHTEN System constantly monitors each microinverter, thus verifying in real time the performance of each SOLAR WORLD Module. At ground level, Harrimans Inc. has installed 4 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) Clipper Creek Level II, compatible for use with all new electric cars such Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Mini-E, etc. This will allow electric car drivers to plug-in their vehicles while parked, recharging the vehicle's batteries.

The 10.29 KW Solar array will produce enough electricity to power six (6) electric vehicles to cover 15,000 miles each in a year.

Family community center solar installation

Harrimans Inc – Solar Energy Systems, to install two Solar thermal water heating systems for the city's new $5.2 million Morgan Family Community Center, a 33,3000-square-foot building with a gymnasium, teenager lounge and meeting space.

Tom Harriman, CEO of Harrimans Inc stated, "We are seeing more and more municipalities like the City of North Port going Solar in order to reduce their annual operating expenses." The newly installed Solar thermal water heating systems were incorporated into the facility to supply the hot water demand for both the kitchen and gymnasium using state of the art "drainback heat exchanger" technology.

North Port has more than doubled in population since the millennium to some 57,000-plus residents, including 10,000 school children, yet until now the city had only one city-run public gym, the George Mullen Activity Center on City Center Boulevard.

The Morgan Center, 6207 West Price Blvd., will more than double North Port's indoor recreation space.

For more information: Harrimans Inc 941-488-4453