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Harrimans is committed to working with non-profits to achieve their Solar Power needs. We understand what's involved from design, engineering, permitting, installation, and final inspection – we do it all and never use subcontractors.

Habitat for Humanity solar installation

Ellenton, FL -- Habitat for Humanity – Hope Landing – Solar Electric (PV) & Solar Hot Water

Cheryl and Terry helped build their Habitat home and know firsthand about the insulated walls that have solid concrete poured into them that adds to their comfort and protects against hurricanes. Terry says, "We have a home that not many people get to have. Most people don't understand how much this home helps our family save money, live healthier, and be protected."

Terry has taken the time to educate himself on the many green features of their home and takes great pride in the efficiency of their Habitat for Humanity home. He reads the water temperature monitor and notes that the temperature is consistently between 110-120 degrees. Terry says they haven't had any water pressure problems and there is plenty of hot water. He enjoys checking the Solar Panel output on his computer and says he likes to watch in the morning as the sun is coming up and the electrical readings increase. Terry says, "I show it to everyone who visits. I can see how much electricity is being produced each month. It is like watching us save money!" Both the Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric (PV) system were installed with the help of Harrimans Inc – Solar Energy Solutions.

Terry, Cheryl, and granddaughter Bailey especially enjoy the big front porch for sitting and the feeling that it makes the house seem bigger. The family says there is always a breeze because it is open on three sides. The house also has a great open floor plan with minimal hallways. They find with ceiling fans running they can set the thermostat to 82 degrees and feel very comfortable. Terry says, "people don't believe it is set at 82 degrees when they are visiting; they think it is in the low 70s."

This family takes great pride in their Habitat home. "I show it to everyone I can," says Terry, "Anytime someone has to come to do work, deliver packages, or stops in front of the house because they see the Solar Panels, I ask them if they want to see more. I tell people about watching my water temperature as it changes between sunny days and cloudy ones and how I watch the computer program that lets me see the panels start producing in the morning and fall off in the afternoon. I like to look at the electricity produced at night during a full moon. We now do our laundry in the morning when we are producing power and not in the afternoon when other people need power. It is great to see our meter run backwards and know we are saving money."

Solar panels for non-profit
Solar panels for non-profit
Solar panels for non-profit

Sarasota, FL – Save Our Seabirds – 10kW Solar Electric (PV) Canopy Demonstration System

Save Our Seabirds rescues and cares for about 2,500 sick and injured wild birds per year. They receive distress calls from caring citizens throughout the Sarasota-Manatee area. They then dispatch the nearest available rescuer from their list of volunteers to capture the bird and transport it to their avian hospital for treatment. SOS does everything they can to rehabilitate and release the bird back into the wild, preferably near the place it was rescued.

Save Our Seabirds is a Sarasota County Green Business partner, certified through their continued commitment to operating as a Green organization. Through a partnership with FPL, Save Our Seabirds chose Harrimans – Solar Energy Solutions – to install the 10kW Solar Electric (PV) system. The 40-panel project not only reduces energy consumption, greenhouse emissions, and financial costs, but functions as a shaded deck feature for guests and events.