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Commercial, Government, and Nonprofits Benefit From Photovoltaic Solar Energy, As Do Customers and Clients

An aerospace company in Texas boasts one of the largest commercial buildings in the world, with roughly 770,000 m² of rooftop space. The company’s main building, by itself, has a roof just shy of 50 football fields in size -- and that roof is covered in solar panels that generate enough electricity to run over 5,000 homes for a year and offset almost 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Corporations and various other agencies regularly invest in large real estate developments, and the typical width and breadth of commercial and industrial properties make commercial properties prime candidates for solar energy. Yes, a solar installation on that scale is rather expensive, but the benefits truly outweigh the costs.

Commercial solar power systems pay for themselves, improve businesses’ green ratings & reputations, and ultimately reduce overhead costs considerably.

Interested in Going Solar With Your Business?

Commercial buildings tend to occupy much larger plots of land than residential buildings. For this reason, both commercial structures’ exteriors and the land upon which they stand are perfect for solar panel installation either on rooftops or ground mounts. While a residential unit may be capable of holding 28 to 34 panels, commercial buildings can hold upwards of 1,000.

Solar is already booming in many industries. For example, you will find impressive solar panel arrays in many of the following industries and businesses:

Solar power is being used more and more frequently by business customers as the new millennium marches onward. Many companies today feel a sense of obligation to the environment when they invest in green energy. Others may simply want to reduce their overhead costs. But solar solutions need to be sensible and affordable in both cases.

Important Considerations Before Proceeding

Deciding to invest in commercial solar energy is not as easy as signing a residential solar panel installation deal. Your home has only one owner and one involved party. A business has many players involved, and no 2 businesses are arranged the same.

Commercial solar panel installation requires that all parties involved come to an agreement on mutual goals that are attainable and affordable. And once the deal is signed, whoever installs the solar panels needs to be experienced in negotiating all of the guidelines, regulations, and paperwork that accompany such deals.

Before moving forward, you should take the time to consider a few things:

Incentives for Commercial Solar

The federal government has been offering the solar investment tax credit (ITC) since 2019. Businesses that installed a solar energy system in 2019 received a 30% tax credit. If the system was/is installed in 2020, they receive 26%. This rate continues dropping until 2022, when it will stay at 10% in subsequent years.

Some states offer their own incentives and rebates for commercial solar panel installation. Florida, for instance, passed the Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act that pays a solar-equipped business $4.00 per watt of photovoltaic solar energy output (up to a $100,000 cap).

If you are a decision maker for a commercial, government, or nonprofit entity that owns the building in which it operates; with a roof or empty field that boasts a clear, unobstructed view of the sun; and you’ve determined that solar energy will help your bottom line -- you may be ready to upgrade to solar power!

Solar by Harrimans and Commercial Installs

Solar by Harrimans works hard to help commercial customers achieve the best possible solar solution for their businesses. Our family-owned business has served residents and business owners of Southwest Florida for over 50 years.

Solar by Harrimans is proud to be an A+ accredited business under the Better Business Bureau. We are also state certified solar contractors, state certified electrical contractors, and state certified pool/spa contractors.

The businesses pictured in this Project Gallery are just a few of the satisfied clients for whom we have performed consulting, design, and installation services. Solar by Harrimans’ knowledgeable staff provides unmatched experience and expertise.

If you like the installations you’ve seen in this gallery and have questions about potential solar installations for your business, give us a call at 1-866-777-9276 or contact us for a consultation.