Solar Hot Water Heating System
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Solar Water Heating is an economically smart solution for your hot water needs. You'll never have to worry about running out of hot water. It's so smart, just kick back and enjoy the saving$$$!

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How Does A Harrimans Solar System Work?

  1. The sun’s energy is absorbed through the solar Collector(s).
  2. Water is circulated continuously from the drain back tank up through the collector(s), where it is heated and then returned to the drain back tank.
  3. Cold water circulates from the bottom of the storage tank up through the heat exchanger within the drain back tank. Hot water is then delivered back to the storage tank.
  4. The entire system is automatically run by the solar controller.
  5. In the event of prolonged adverse weather, a back-up heating element ensures ample supply of hot water.
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Water heating ranks 2nd only to Air Conditioning & Heating in electricity costs and is typically 30% of your power bill. A Solar water heating system can save you $$$ Hundreds of dollars in your yearly energy costs.

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"I noticed a large decrease in my electric bill the month following installation, about $50 to $60 less. I am very happy with the installation."

James Hollenback,
St. Petersburg

"Saw my electric bill drop. Really like the system – it has been a great investment."

Wendell E. Perry,
Venice, FL

"Have had your solar water system since 1983 and love it. We have recommended you to a friend and they did use your service."

Joe Johnson,
Englewood, FL

"Dear Tom, Today I received in the mail your letter and comment card. Unfortunately your comment card does not give me enough room to say what I want to say. You asked if I was satisifed with the installation of my hot water solar system. Now to answer your questions "Am I satisfied with the installation?" YES! Totally satisifed with everyone whom I spoke with, your service manager Randy, the girls who scheduled your crews and most importantly your crews. Everyone was extremely polite and highly efficient. Did the job and was gone. Your second question was "Would you do business with us again?" Let me just say that I or anyone else would be totally out of our minds if we called anyone else to work on our solar equipment. Their question, "Would you recommend us to others?" Definitely, without question. Since the installation of the panel, my FPL electric bill dropped an average $50 per month. I have not had to turn the electric on to the hot water heater since the installation of the panel. Thanks for creating such an outstanding company. Your company and employees are fantastic. I would have to be crazy to call someone else. Keep up the good work."

Patrick J Minoughan,
Port Charlotte, FL

"Service excellent, electric bill reduction, water very, very hot."

James & John Larkin,
Venice, FL

"With rising fuel costs, what better way to conserve energy, help the environment and reduce concerns over power interruptions with our increased hurricane activity. Your competent employees were a benefit too."

Jim Uzell,
Nokomis, FL

"We agree that benefits of a solar hot water system are numerous. We are enjoying an abundant amount of hot water. We do see a difference in our utility bills. We are happy with our system's performance. And we are satisfied with the service of Harrimans. We would and have recommended your service to others."

Jim Uzell,
Nokomis, FL