"Harrimans sets the gold standard for solar installs. Their customer service team was always in constant communication with me throughout the entire process. Harrimans is by far the best solar company in the state of Florida!"
– Dr. Edward Lee, Sarasota, FL

"I could not be happier with the service I received. They identified roof issues that saved me huge roof repair costs before they installed the panels. The technicians, Ben and Dan, were excellent and went above and beyond to re-pipe my equipment correctly. Great Job!"
– Jeremy Gale, Sarasota

"This is the 2nd time that you have installed solar on our home. They were quick, clean, and come back if there's a problem."
– Mark and Karen Collier, Sarasota, FL

"From start to finish it was painless as well as very professionally done."
– Karen Borling, Parrish

"Extremely professional, kept me aware of progress and gave a good thorough final briefing. Surprisingly quick and clean install. System has been running with no issues for over 3 months." Thanks!"
– Ray Norsworthy, Port Charlotte

"Your staff is reliable and efficient. We have used your company for the past 17 ½ years."
– Paul Januzzi, Port Charlotte, FL

“We are delighted with our new solar water heater as well as with Randy’s pre-sale explanation of the product and the installation by Lance.”
– KF Rooke, Bradenton

"Very satisfied with savings realized from installing your solar domestic hot water system and 8250-watt solar electric system. Would do it again!!"
– Fred Burrell, Rotonda West

“Your installers were quick and courteous and did a perfect job.”
– Candy Montgomery, Holmes Beach

“Stan took a lot of time to go over everything with me and was extremely informative.  I was very happy with his visit.”
– Dennis Mysliwy, North Port

“Lance and Mike were professional and efficient on installing our pool heating system.  They left the worksite clean and upon completion.”
– Dr. Velma McCuiston, Ellenton

“Robert is a definite asset to your company.  Very informative and responsive.  Randy helped me through an initial problem understanding the salt system.  All is good!”
– Bill Vonada, Bradenton

“Thanks Robert for the phone call and the information we requested.  We also want you to know how much we love the solar that Harrimans installed for our pool and hot water more than a year ago.  The installers did a wonderful job, and it works so much better than we ever expected.  We have never run out of hot water, not even on cloudy days. But what is also so impressive is how clean the salt system keeps our pool.  Not only is the water kept warm, but the pool is kept so clean that our pool service has often told us that it is the cleanest pool he’s seen (and he does a lot of pool sin this neighborhood and much larger communities in Venice).  All he really needs to maintain is the filter.  All the best to you and everyone at Harrimans!”
– Jack & Carol Cummiskey, Venice

“I enjoyed the entire process from sales & design to installation.  All of your personnel are very professional.  Really enjoyed the installation crew.  Please thank your staff.”
– Bruce Schepens, Punta Gorda

“Installation was quick and efficiently handled by your two most professional and skilled installers.  Our system is now as good as it ever has been.  Thanks!”
– Edward Bernier, Sarasota

"Ken did a great job on the installation.  Good worker!”
– Dr. & Mrs. George Griffin, Parrish

“We were kept advised about all facets of our installation and always got quick responses to questions and concerns.  We are on our way to a big reduction in our electric bill and our ecological footprint!”
– Sheila Robbins, Largo

“It was a pleasure when service personnel are so nice and know what they are doing and especially when they clean up when finished.  All questions were answered in an understandable way.”
– Howard Raiken, Sarasota

“Installer (Dan) very good worker, cares about the job and outcome of his work.  Friendly and helpful.”
– LJ Sweet, Venice

“From our initial meeting with Robert, pre-installation with Stanley, through the installation things went great.  Professional, timely and high quality work.”
– Tom Soles, Punta Gorda

“You did a great job, on time, hassle free.  You are one of my best contractors.”
– Philip Arsenault, Sarasota

“I have had a very good experience with Harrimans in general.  Office runs efficiently, all installers were polite and conscientious.  The company seems genuinely concerned about their reputation and thus far we are happy with our decision.  The gentleman in the office, Aaron deserves to be singled out for praise as he is always very professional and courteous.”
– Robert Noland, Parrish

“Excellent job on grant proposal to FPL, excellent follow up on work and approval by county and homeowners association and final hook up with FPL.  Thanks!”
– James Davis, Bradenton

“Fast, professional crew who knew exactly what they were doing and did an excellent job.  A credit to Harrimans.  Thanks!”
– Geoff & Linda Kroll, Venice

“We appreciated the excellent service from Stan & Lance on the job and as well as the follow up when we had questions.”
– Jim & Rose Dugdale, Englewood

“We were 100% happy with our solar heat!  We would definitely recommend your company!”
– Matt & Laureen Vassallo, Lakewood Ranch

“Harrimans delivered what they promised.  The job was completed in a timely, clean fashion.  All of the Harrimans staff members were courteous and friendly.”
– Gary Grobaker, Palmetto

“Everything done in a workman like manner so if it’s not broke don’t try and fix it.”
– Ralph Perri, Sarasota

“I would like to thank Aaron and Randy, and point out that Randy was very clear in explaining the proposal, as well as answering all the questions we had about the pool.  Really, not everyone I’ve dealt with in various condo business has been able to explain things so well.  Cheers, Woody”
– Parkview East Owners Association, Venice

“Very professional.  Ken and Ben were great workers doing the job.”   John Robinson, Cape Coral   “Danny did an EXCELLENT job!  He was extremely professional and very friendly and I tipped him!”
– Kathy Zapresko, North Port

“Huge plus that you are also licensed electricians.  Made my installation easier.  Robert was the best representative I interviewed for my system.  Already referred a friend who wants the same.  Thanks!”
– Ron Coulter, North Port

“I was so thrilled with Lance’s customer service during the visit to my home.  He took the time to write a 3-page handwritten note that included a diagram so I would know how to use my system.  He did such a nice job and I really appreciate it!”
– Frances Stubblefield, Sarasota

“Ben was extremely efficient, very polite, and whomever hired him made an excellent decision!  Great job Ben!”
– Joanna Cuccia, Bradenton

“Excellent service, excellent team, real good work Lance!  Thanks!”
– Tom Bolduc, Nokomis

“Both Lance and Mike were very professional and courteous.  I would definitely recommend Harrimans, in fact one of my neighbors said he wants to talk with you about the system.”
– Don Daly, Bradenton

“Very pleased with the installation of solar heater and conversion to salt.  Your staff was professional, thorough and answered all our questions.”
– John Roberts, Port Charlotte

“The crew worked through many 93 degree sunny days.  Electric work is very professional.  The electrical inspector thought so too!”
– Keith Hogan, St Petersburg

“Stan was very proficient, professional, took time to explain everything to me.  I am very happy with his service.”
– Kevin Retherford, Bradenton

“Kenny was polite, fast and very efficient installing the system.  He thoroughly explained the systems operation.  Thank you.”
– Ronald Jelliff, Port Charlotte

“Harrimans provided us with clear information, reliable timing and professional expertise.”
– Lea Hall, Sarasota

“The technicians, Ken and Matt, are the best people I’ve had at my house.  They went above and beyond and did a neat job.  I could barely tell they were even there, they never stopped working and I don’t think they even took a lunch.  You have two really good guys there!”
– Samuel Gardiner, Port Charlotte

“Your guys obviously knew their job and did it well.  Nice guys, too.”
– Gary Werner, Venice

“Provided a neat, clean, professional installation at a competitive price.”
– Mae & James Hazelton, Venice

“Great job, very professional and explained all aspects of job and equipment.”
– Bill & Eileen Harding, Sarasota

“Excellent job from start to finish.”
– Gene Dillahunty, Venice

“Very satisfied with service and product.  Extremely courteous and knowledgeable staff.  Were helpful and patient with instructions and explaining the product.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Sisson, Punta Gorda

“Dan and Ken were very professional.  They explained everything in detail and were very precise in the installing.”
– L.J. Sweet, Venice

“Good job, professional workman, work completed to my desires.  Workman were easy to talk to and gave complete explanation to all my questions.”
– Kenneth Kadlec, Punta Gorda

“Super professional, friendly people with a much faster than expected job completion.  Less than one week from date of sale to completion!  Awesome!”
– Stephen Skuba, Bradenton

“Benny and Lance worked hard, did a great job!  System funs very good.  Everything explained well and end of installation.  Very pleased.”
– Rick Hutton, Sarasota

“On time, on budget, no hassles!”
– Nancy Welnak, Englewood

“Very professional from the first contact to the installation.”
– Peter Baxter, Parrish

“Excellent removal and install of replacement.”
– Marie Tolve, Sarasota

“Great job - very professional!”
– Neil Bevis, Venice

“Very good job all around!”
– Gordon Little, Venice

“Excellent work, efficient and friendly people!”
– Peter Huddlestone, Bradenton

“Keep it going.”
– Mike Supple, Bradenton

“Great work, professionally done all the way.  Thank you!”
– Cathy Rustin, Sarasota

“Good install; good workers; very happy!”
– Sabra Andersen, Englewood

“Job well done!  Very satisfied!”
– Sanford Feuer, Venice

“Complete installation in one day.  No problems.  No complaints.  Only quality work!”
– John Williams, Punta Gorda

“Friendly staff, efficient work!”
– Rita Sikora, Bradenton

“Great install.  Thanks!  Love the solar pool heater.”
– Michael Babyak, Venice

“Nice job – very professional!”
– Rebecca Bee, Sarasota

“Prompt, professional and well done.”
– Jules & Pat Porchey, Sarasota

“Excellent job!”
– Diane Watson, Rotonda West

“Fact is we have contracted with you to do a total electric solar system as well as our solar hot water system you just installed!”
– Ronald Boyd, Rotonda West

“Professional and quick install and great explanation.”
– Ron Wastrodowski, Punta Gorda

“Excellent, courteous service from sales representative to installer and back up people.”
– Eugene Malloy, Englewood

“Danny and Josh did a fine job on removal and installation.  Good communications!”
– George & Carol Jonic, Venice

“Very professional and knowledgeable about solar installation and our needs for our pool.  Thank you.”
– Nancy & Andrew Canevari, Bradenton

“The guys did a great job removing our solar system for a reroof and reinstalling new and old panels, new pipe etc.  Very timely and efficient.”
– Jim Meyer, Bradenton

“Your guys did a great job!  Thank you!”
– Phillip Day, Sarasota

“Thank you for the excellent service.  The Harrimans people are polite, informed and knowledgeable.”
– Thomas & Ann Martha Coppla, Rotonda West